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You’ve Got A Pretty Hellmouth

You've Got A Pretty Hellmouth

You've Got A Pretty Hellmouth

by Michael Sikkema

$16.00 | January 2019

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Excerpt from You’ve Got a Pretty Hellmouth

Are we the last
one standing? Is

there room in
that car? Is that our

blood? There are only
two reasons to be in

these woods and I want
to fuck them

I’ll die right after
the first joke, the second

jump-scare. I’ll die all
the way through

The flat tire. The distant
window light. The up-skirt

with panicked breathing
The empty train car

To walk away alive, burn
it down. Don’t mind

the frame. Breathe. Burn it
down. Don’t

wait around to scatter ashes


About the Author

Michael Sikkema

Michael Sikkema is a working class poet who was born and raised in rural Northern Michigan. Author of five full length collections, he has also written or collaborated on over a dozen chapbooks, and edits Shirt Pocket Press.