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by Christine Kanownik

$16.00 | March 2019

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Salome Requesting the Head of John the Baptist on a Plate

The Voice Calling in the Wilderness
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

It’s remarkable
The Voice is the Word
We don’t see him
so his body never existed

So what exactly is her crime ?

What I really mean to get at with all of this:

is that it is so easy
for the life force

to leave a body

You just ask for it
& it happens


About the Author

Christine Kanownik is the author of KING OF PAIN (Monk Books, 2016) and the chapbook We Are Now Beginning to Act Wildly (Diez, 2012). Her poems, art, or writing have appeared in The Huffington Post, Fence, Motherboard, EOAGH, jubilat, among others. She currently lives and works in Chicago.