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About Trembling Pillow Press


Trembling Pillow Press is a New Orleans based publishing outfit run by poet Megan Burns since 2006. Its mission is to publish contemporary authors whose works are vitally important to the poetry community. Trembling Pillow Press has published dozens of broadsides and post cards featuring New Orleans based poets and artists as well as national writers. Trembling Pillow Press has also published three issues of YAWP: A Journal of Poetry and Art, three issues of Solid Quarter Poetry Magazine, poetry chapbooks and over 28 full length collections of poetry in addition to one Spoken Word CD; all available for purchase online and at our partner bookstores. Trembling Pillow Press endeavors to continue to publish first books from emerging authors as well as marginalized texts that have either gone out of print or that have had trouble finding a publishing house. 2019 will mark the 13th year of Trembling Pillow Press’ publishing efforts in New Orleans.



Megan Burns, Publisher
Matthew Revert, Graphic Design
Bill Lavender, Technical and Design Support
Copyeditor, Kia Alice Groom
Webmaster, Jonathan Penton
Interns, Toria Smith and Kelly Gangeness Le

For Press Inquiries, Contact Megan Burns:

6223 Catina St
New Orleans, LA 70124

For review copies, please email Megan Burns with your affiliation or a list of prior review publications as well as the title you would like to review.


Trembling Pillow Press Books are distributed by Amazon and SPD BOOKS.
CDs are distributed by CDbaby and iTunes.

Bookstores that carry Trembling Pillow Press books:
Crescent City Books
Woodland Pattern Book Center
Bird & Beckett
SO & SO Books


How are books selected for publication?
Generally, most of the books published by Trembling Pillow Press have been solicited manuscripts and we will continue to solicit manuscripts. We are always open to finding great new work, so we have decided to accept submissions year round with a small fee to help support the press. In order to help defray costs for publishing, we also have decided to hold a fee-based contest. Part of the fee will go towards our guest judge and the remainder will go towards publishing expenses. Hopefully, our readers will see this as not only an opportunity to support the press, but to also have their work read by a poet whose work we think is exemplary. The press editors read submissions during our open period, and you will receive a response in the designated length of time from one of our editors. Judges for our Book Prize read all entries.
We are committed to devoting a portion of our energies and attention to New Orleans writers and New Orleans texts every year as we continue to foster and nurture our local community in coordination with local poetry series and presses.

How many books does Trembling Pillow Press publish each year?
Right now, we are committed to publishing 4-5 perfect bound books a year.  We occasionally make chapbooks and broadsides as well.

Are authors asked to contribute financially to the publication of their books?

Do authors collaborate on their books? 
We usually accept manuscripts that are considered finished. From there, we do the entire layout and design for the book, and we design the covers. The author approves all of this, and so we collaborate as far as making sure the product meets the author’s vision of their work. Each book has its own needs, so this is always a new experience for every project.

How are authors compensated for books?
We don’t pay any money in advance, but we do provide a number of copies to the author upon publication. We also place the books online, with SPD and in bookstores to ensure sales. We work with each of our authors to supply books for events and to bookstores as needed. We are happy to help set up readings in the New Orleans area, and we encourage our authors to promote their work with readings and signings. We do not provide any marketing products, but we do maintain a website where each author receives their own web page updated with their news and events.
As we use POD, the book will never go out of print. All ISBNs are owned by Trembling Pillow Press and are entered into Books In Print.

How does Trembling Pillow Press support itself financially?
We are a small operation and work largely uncompensated. Book sales from events, orders, and online usually go towards backing the next project; we try to pace our publications in such a way that we don’t overextend ourselves. We have slowly built up a base of supporters who have made it possible for us to expand into making books on a regular basis. The authors that we have worked with so far have all been proactive in selling their books, and it’s really their amazing work and their energy that have kept us rolling. We’ve had the benefit of really great editors and publishers who have given us advice and pointed us in the right direction as well, and that has made all the difference.

If I didn’t answer something, feel free to drop me a line:
Megan Burns