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Always Know: A Book of Monk

Always Knowby John Sinclair

$19.99 | October 2020

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This Is Our Music (Artists Workshop Press)
FIRE MUSIC: a record (Artists Workshop Press)
The Poem For Warner Stringfellow (Artists Workshop Press)
Meditations: A Suite For John Coltrane (Artists Workshop Press)
We Just Change The Beat—Selected Poems (Ridgeway Press)
thelonious: a book of monk—volume one (private edition)
fly right—a monk suite (private edition)
Full Circle (minimal press)
Fattening Frogs For Snakes—Delta Sound Suite (Surregional Press)
i mean you—a book for penny (palOmine press)
Song Of Praise: Homage To John Coltrane (Trembling Pillow Press)

Music & Politics with Robert Levin (Jazz & Pop/World Publishing)
Guitar Army—Street Writings/Prison Writings (Douglas Books)
PeyoteMind (The End Is Near Press)
Va Tutto Bene (en Itaiano) (Stampa Alternativa)
Guitar Army (en Itaiano) (Stampa Alternativa)
Guitar Army (2nd Edition) (Feral House/Process Books)
Guitar Army (en Francais) (Rivage Rouge)
It’s All Good—A John Sinclair Reader (Headpress)
Sun Ra Interviews & Essays (Headpress)

We Just Change The Beat (M/S/A Cassette)
thelonious: a book of monk—volume one (New Alliance Records)
Full Moon Night (Alive/Total Energy Records)
If I Could Be With You (Schoolkids Records)
Full Circle (Alive Records)
Underground Issues (SpyBoy Records)
White Buffalo Prayer (SpyBoy Records)
Steady Rollin’ Man (triPup Records)
Fattening Frogs For Snakes, Volume 1—The Delta Sound (Rooster Blues)
Knockout (D-Men Records)
PeyoteMind (The End Is Near Records)
criss cross (Big Chief Records)
Fattening Frogs For Snakes, Volume 2—Country Blues (No Cover Re- cords)
Fattening Frogs For Snakes, Volume 3—Don’t Start Me To Talking (Hill Country Blues)
Tearing Down The Shrine Of Truth & Beauty (LocoGnosis Records)
Detroit Life (No Cover Records)
Viper Madness (No Cover Records)
Let’s Go Get ‘Em (MoSound Records)
Honoring The Local Gods (Straw2Gold Records)
Song Of Praise: Homage To John Coltrane (Trembling Pillow Press)
Beatnik Youth (Track Records)
Conspiracy Theory (Big Chief Records)
Viperism (Big Chief Records)
Mohawk (IronMan Records)
Keeping The Blues Alive (World Wide Vibe Records)

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