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About the Book

front cover taggartWant for Lion

$16.00 | March 2014



Paige Taggart’s Want for Lion is an earth goddess journal that is divine text & scandal sheet, reaching through/across our surfaces with detoxified beauty & the eye of Hecate’s owl.
Hymns & dirges score the transmorphic in layered registers, tracking some reformed species that resembles ours, desperately in need of re-forming. This book is a chariot pick-me-up, w/ invocations of sweet dreams & the nightmares we just might deserve. Some blessings go unrealized until they’re held in the hands. You are holding one now.

– Frank Sherlock

What is the difference between expression and, well, there is nothing else. The question, like Taggart’s book, plots against itself. Maybe it’s a set up, a Möbius strip of language. Or maybe it’s a window into a world governed by a truer anti-logic where “litter is literally glittering,” where poetry is always “kinda screamed.” Her voice is Scarface and titties cloaked in the syntax of study and propelled by a roaring heart.        – Sommer Browning

Taggart’s poems sulk, prance, and attack like a beast she’s tamed into her house cat.  Nature is the beauty and danger beating behind each line.  Taggart holds and waves a flag of honesty at every house party, emotional journey, and private moment, illuminating and obscuring the parts familiar to us all.
– Rachel B. Glaser

There’s a persistent sensation in Want for Lion of being yoked to a mind in full stream. It’s faster than you. It foams in a forest of registers. There is work to be done as a reader to reach this new speed: stumbling, knees ripped, I think I have. “I want to make people feel so small that they think I’m the sky,” says the Poet. I’m here to tell you that’s exactly what happens.         -Brandon Downing

Paige Taggart punctures identity papers with inky harpoon ritual, process in every line, gone beyond epiphany package. She is a poet who dares to value attention over status when most poems read like elaborate status updates. Her rhythm shakes me out of screen trance into a labyrinth of the gloriously unfixable self.         – Filip Marinovich


About the Author

taggart author photo color

Paige Taggart is a Northern Californian and currently resides in Brooklyn. Want For Lion is her first full-length collection. Her second book Or Replica will be published by Brooklyn Arts Press. She is the author of 5 chapbooks: Last Difficult Gardens (Horse Less Press),  DIGITAL MACRAMÉ (Poor Claudia) Polaroid Parade (Greying Ghost) and The Ice Poems (DoubleCross Press), and forthcoming I am Writing To You From Another Country; Translations of Henri Michaux (Greying Ghost Press). She earned her MFA from the New School and was a 2009 NYFA fellow. She works as a full-time jewelry production manager & additionally makes her own jewelry

Other Books by this Author:
Or Replica (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2014)