Trembling Pillow Press

Esoteric Anthology

Trembling Pillow Press is pleased to announce the creation of a new anthology concerned with the intersection between esoteric practices, writing, and paths to opening one’s writing up to new experiments.

Edited in collaboration with Michelle Embree and Kia Alice Groom, Trembling Pillow Press has acquired essays and creative writing ventures from practitioners in a number of esoteric practices who also incorporate their practices into their writing in some way. In addition to personal essays or responses to how the author practices and how it has changed or influenced their writing, the anthology will have in addition actual exercises to be included with each essay.

“esoteric” – intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

“a holistic source that engages the physical body through the act of language and the subtle body through the act of ritual”

Examples of esoteric practices, although we will discuss a wide range of practices:

Quantum Physics
Ayurvedic Medicine
Western Astrology/ Vedic Astrology
Energy Workers
Sound Therapy
Alchemy or alchemical work
Astral projection
Demonology / Goetia and invocation magick
Psychonautics & ritual drug use
Automatic writing


The press will be offering free copies of the anthology to contributors. In addition, the anthology will mark the launch of a new imprint under Trembling Pillow Press, which will publish books and other esoteric related ephemera such as tarot card decks, and contributors will be given priority in submitting projects under this new imprint.

Publication is slated for spring 2020.


Kia Alice Groom is a writer, editor, & occult practitioner. Hailing from Australia but residing in New Orleans (where she received her MFA in poetry from UNO) Kia co-owns Foxglove & Crow  offering tarot card readings and esoteric advice to folks from all around the world. Beginning her writing practice as soon as she was old enough to hold a pencil and her magickal practice at age 13, Kia’s work is often concerned with lucid dreaming and portal magic, thought forms and tulpas, and healing from trauma through shadow work and meditation. These themes often come up in her published works, a list of which is available on She tweets @whodreamedit.

Michelle Embree is a storyteller, a reader of cards, a maker of rituals, and small, magical objects. She is a skilled Oracle who has developed her abilities as an Intuitive Reader and over the course of fifteen years. She is proud to offer her ever-evolving services to those who seek a stronger inner compass and a story large enough to hold the great pains and deep joys of being human. Michelle is currently creating a Tarot Deck and writing the guide to accompany her vision titled: ‘The Book of Keys’. You may view some of the cards she has made over the years here and read some of her writing on the Major Arcana here. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy from McKendree University and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing From Goddard College. She has recently been brought onto the faculty at the New Orleans School For Esoteric Arts.