About the Book

Untitled Writing from a Member of the Blank Generation

by Philip Good

$14.95 | 2011 | ISBN: 978-0-9790702-6-6

Kindle Edition: $2.99

Welcome to the beleaguered land of 21st century Thoreauean bewilderment — a place of estranged enchantment for the BLANK GENERATION, and whose rendezvous with busted miracle America has arrived!

These poetic writs come from the walkabout of a traveler who dares to sing of those bedrock truths once held to be self-evident: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — but which today have been scrapped for the stock-in-trade campaign of lies propagated by the Grand Impotentate of Corporate Empires: WALL STREET. Today’s Grim Reaper’s scythe is a digitized promissory deathnote delivered by e-trades to your e-doorstep in nanoseconds, claiming sovereignty over every electron of your last will and testament soul.

Phil Good’s UNTITLED WRITINGS is an impressive debut—100 poems, maybe more—that should have appeared a hundred moons ago. Perhaps it did while we when should i take extenze were spitting on our shoetops hoping to catch an image on which to reflect. “Are there more crying babies on buses than Shakespeare scholars on trains?” “Is the unwritten waiting to escape to the outermost house?” These poems haunt that house. May they haunt you as they have haunted me.
— Michael Gizzi

“An old friend comes to visit and keeps you up far past your bedtime. The conversation is joyously animated. The gossip is gentle. Curious questions waltz through the room. Who unleashed this light in the darkness? Philip Good, of course.”
—Lisa Jarnot


About the Author

Philip Good is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts. He co-edited with Bill Denoyelles, the last of the mimeograph poetry magazines, Blue Smoke. He has given poetry readings all across America and abroad. He now lives in a former shtetl next to the Tsatsawassa and Kinderhook creeks.