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by Bill Lavender

$16.95 | July 2013


Presenting Q, a hero for our times, who travels from riches to rags and back faster than the most intrepid entrepeneur. Born into upper-middle-class comfort but suddenly finding himself homeless and destitute, he learns to live on the street and to eat out of dumpsters. At first cowing and regularly beaten, he quickly toughens and becomes a legend of the street and the rails. His many careers include stints as a Christian (glossolalic) rapper, a yacht-hopping jet-setter, and mercenary. His improbable adventures are a parable of our age.


Bill Lavender’s Q is a charming, provocative, philosophical picaresque with attitude. In fact, on top of being a parable and an adventure, it’s a very literary exploration of every kind of attitude you would or could want—towards fate, towards materialism, towards our precarious and thoroughly absurd and hellbent times—Q is a joy to read, and a joy to ponder.
—Moira Crone, author of The Not Yet

A Voltaire for our consumer society, Bill Lavender has created a picaresque novel that travels not so much from country to country as from book to book. At times poetic, at other times philosophical, it concludes with advice that is no less wise than when Candide first offered it to his friends centuries ago: ‘Tend your garden.’”
—John Biguenet, author of The Torturer’s Apprentice and Oyster

About the Author

lavender-175x175Bill Lavender is the publisher at Lavender Ink. His most recent book of poetry is Memory Wing, published by Black Widow Press. Books also include Transfixion (Trembling Pillow 2009) I of the Storm (Trembling Pillow 2006), While Sleeping (Chax Press 2004), look the universe is dreaming (Potes and Poets 2002), and Guest Chain (Lavender Ink 1999). He also edited an anthology, Another South: Experimental Writing in the South, from University of Alabama Press (2003). His poetry and essays have appeared in numerous print magazines including Praire Schooner, Jubilat, New Orleans Review, Gulf Coast Review, Skanky Possum, YAWP, and Fell Swoop, and web publications including Exquisite Corpse, E•ratio, CanWeHaveOurBallBack, Moria, Big Bridge, and Nolafugees. He has published scholarship in Poetics Today and Contemporary Literature.