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About the Book

Ethics of Sleep

by Bernadette Mayer

$15.00 | 106 pages | 2011 | ISBN: 978-0979070235

Also available from Amazon and Small Press Distribution.

Kelsey Street Press review

Galatea Resurrects review

Interview with Bernadette Mayer

In Ethics of Sleep, Mayer’s poetic voice is once again at its very best as she conjures up some of the most pioneering and experimental explorations in American letters today. This ground-breaking masterwork springs from the netherland of her dreams; surely to be considered by readers and scholars alike in the same legendary company of Memory, Studying Hunger, and Midwinter Day as one of her more triumphant and dynamically accomplished works to date.

I’m leaving all my money to Bernadette Mayer because she’s the best writer, especially Ethics of Sleep.
—John Ashbery

We finally understand how the human brain works!
—John Lilly, M.D.

This is the best book I ever read.
—Robert Creeley

At last, the mythology of the 21st century.
—Franz Boas

I understand.
—Henri Michaux

Short of Eruditio Ex Memoria, this is Bernadette’s finest creation.
—Ted Berrigan


About the Author

Bernadette Mayer’s poetry has been praised by John Ashbery as “magnificent.” Ed Sanders calls her a “wonderful visual gestalt.” Brenda Coultas heralds her as a master of “devastating wit.” Throughout the 1980s she was the Director of the Poetry Project in New York City, where she taught, as well as at the New School and the Naropa Insititute Summer Writing Program. She is the author of more than two dozen volumes of poetry, the most recent being Poetry State Forest, published by New Directions, 2008. Bernadette’s latest project (made possible by a grant from Creative Capital) is The Faces That Launched A Thousand Ships, a book of poetry and photographs featuring women named Helen from the city of Troy, New York, inspired by Bernadette’s knowledge of ancient Greece and the mythic character Helen of Troy.

Other books by Bernadette Mayer

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  • Moving. Angel Hair Press, 1968
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  • Poetry. Kulchur Foundation, 1976
  • Eruditio Ex Memoria. Angel Hair Press, 1977
  • The Golden Book of Words. Angel Hair Press, 1978
  • L’Amour Fou (with Lewis Warsh). United Artist Books, 1981
  • Midwinter Day. Turtle Island Press, 1982
  • Utopia. United Artists, 1984
  • Mutual Aid. Mademoiselle de la Mole Press, 1985
  • Sonnets. Tender Buttons, 1989
  • The Art of Science Writing (with Dale Worsley). Teachers & Writers, 1989
  • The Formal Field of Kissing. Catchword Papers, 1990
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  • The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters. Hard Press, 1994
  • Proper Name and Other Stories, New Directions, 1996
  • Another Smashed Pinecone. United Artists Books, 1998
  • Two Haloed Mourners. Granary Books, 1998
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  • Les poèmes qui m’ont rendue célèbre. Format Américain, 2004
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  • The Cave (with Clark Coolidge) Adventures in Poetry, 2009
  • Studying Hunger Journals, Station Hill Press, 2011
  • The Helens of Troy, New York, New Directions, 2013
  • At Maureen’s (with Greg Masters) 2013